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The company will continue to achieve sustainable growth based on trust, impression, balance and harmony.

Social Contribution

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SNNC Social Contribution Activities

In an effort to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and perform a role as a sound corporate citizen, SNNC is conducting diversified social contribution activities where all employees take part from the early stage of foundation of the company. SNNC will continue to fulfill corporate social responsibilities by spreading corporate culture concentrated on sharing and achieve growth and development along with local communities.

Provision of a helping hand to local farms

The company provides economic support through production and purchase of regional specialties, and employees of the company extends a helping hand to farm villages during busy farming season by putting their love for agricultural areas into practice.

Production and purchase of regional specialties, provision of a helping hand to farm villages during busy farming season, creation of pleasant local communities and etc.
Underprivileged neighbors including families of the handicapped in local communities

Local Cultural Asset Keeper

All employees of the company participate in preserving regional cultural heritage handed down by ancestors and creating culture where cultural heritage is well preserved in an effort to pass it down to descendants.

Purpose of activities
Preservation of regional cultural heritage (Maro Fortress)
Contents of activities
Management and restoration of regional cultural heritage through environmental purification activities

Support for welfare of the aged and the handicapped

The company provides support to the aged and the handicapped who have difficulties in leading their daily life on their own by helping do household chores and take a bath on a monthly basis.

Contents of activities
Inspections on welfare facilities, delivery of products to share love with the aged who live alone, improvement of housing environment for the poor and volunteer activities to help take a bath
Gwangyang Senior Citizens’ Welfare Center, Maehwaweon, Gwangyang City Senior Citizens’ Welfare Center and etc.

Talent donation

Employees of the company conduct volunteer activities in local communities by donating their talent.

Purpose of activities
Employees’ donation of their talent to local communities
Contents of activities
Employees’ club-related performance, swimming therapy, coastal cleanup, repair & maintenance of farm houses, repair of houses and etc.

Support for social enterprises

Provision of sustainable jobs to the underprivileged in the era of jobless growth is an important first step toward resolving polarization of wealth, achieving balanced development and attaining sustainable growth. Against this backdrop, SNNC is making efforts to support social enterprises so that members of the society can realize growth with others and pay special attention to the underprivileged.

Subjects to support
Emmaus Industries (A social enterprise manufacturing tissue products in Gwangju)
Contents of support
Provision of support to help social enterprises stand on their own feet through establishment of agreements with companies that hire the disabled in local communities and purchase of products on a regular basis.

Happy Scholarship sponsored by SNNC

The company provides scholarship in an effort to give a dream and a hope to youths and children from multicultural families in local communities in cooperation with Gwangyang City Love-Sharing Welfare Center.

Purpose of projects
Provision of support to the underprivileged in local communities so that they can develop themselves and achieve growth
Projects areas
Gwangyang City, Jeollanam-do
<Cooperative Foundation: Gwangyang City Love-Sharing Welfare Foundation >
Contents of projects
  • Scholarship to support youths from parentless families in local communities
  • Taein Area Scholarship Project
  • Emergency Stability Funds for the underprivileged

Provision of support to Jeonnam Dragons Football Club

The company sponsors Jeonnam Dragons Football Club as part of an effort to nurture regional professional football cubs in cooperation with POSCO and Gwangyang City.

Establishment of Company Park

Company Park Project that was initiated centering around Gwangyang City Downtown Area Forest Development Committee in 2008 aims to create beautiful parks in vacant lands scattered in downtown areas so that a pleasant green-growth city where flowers are harmonized with forests can be created.

Purpose of activities
Support for a green-growth city through development of parks in local communities
Contents of activities
  • Organizer : Gwangyang City Downtown Area Forest Development Committee
  • Sponsor : SNNC