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We will become the most competitive global leader in the world in the eco-friendly nickel materials business.

SNNC, which was founded as the first specialized ferronickel company in South Korea in 2006, has attracted worldwide attention with a successful investment model by the world's first vertical combination in order of nickel mine-nickel smelting-stainless steel manufacturing.

We successfully completed the 1st plant with the annual production system of 30,000 tons in 2008 and subsequently completed the 2nd plant with our own technology in 2015, which has made us grow and develop into a global company comparable to any nickel smelting company in the world.

However, amid a recent increase in the instability of the world politics, economy and society, it is expected that we will face the difficult management environment due to an increase in the manufacturing cost including raw materials, energy expenses, etc.

Accordingly, we need to flexibly respond to future market changes through active business diversification as well as strengthen competitiveness more than ever.

SNNC already has sufficient competitiveness and an outstanding capability for it.

We have played a pivotal role as a growth engine for the POSCO stainless steel field based on the operational optimization of the 2nd facilities and will advance into the nickel materials business for electric-vehicle batteries to strengthen our status in the global market.

Our challenge to be 'the global leader in the eco-friendly nickel materials business' is not over yet. Just as ore creates a higher value with smelting, SNNC is devoting the enthusiasm and capabilities of all executives and employees to be a sustainable company by adding a new growth engine to our strong foundation.

In addition, we will further strengthen ESG management to fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen by loving neighbors with sharing, while establishing trust based on firm ethical management and contributing to green growth by considering the environment as a basis of management.

Thank you!

CEO Jae-tak, Bae