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The company will continue to achieve sustainable growth based on trust, impression, balance and harmony.

Environment Management

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Environment is a base for a pleasant and beautiful world where human beings are harmonized with the nature. SNNC finds the highest value for future generations in the environment. The company proclaimed environmental policy in November 2011 and has concentrated on internalizing environment management as POSCO family. It is realizing environmentally friendly ferronickel plants by minimizing environmental effect on local community and making diversified efforts to preserve ecosystem.

Environment Management Policy

Recognizing environment as core factors of management strategy, SNNC puts followings into practice in order to lead low-carbon green-growth by securing environmental soundness on the back of technological development and open-minded communication.

  1. It establishes Family Environment Management System based on ISO 14001 to secure global leadership.
  2. It observes environmental laws and regulations and continuously improves environment in consideration of the entire process.
  3. It minimizes discharged contaminants by introducing clean production process and applying optimized prevention technology.
  4. It establishes a resource-recycling society through the effective use of natural resources and slag while improving ecological efficiency.
  5. It leads low-carbon green-growth by reducing greenhouse gases through the use of clean energy and the application of green technology.
  6. It secures managerial transparency and pursues sustainability by opening achievement of environment management.
  • ISO 14001
    ISO 14001 Certification

Environment Management Policy

1. Air pollution management

The company is making bold investments in environmental facilities in order to minimize discharged air pollutants. First of all, the company introduced such environmentally friendly facilities as wind screen, water-sprinkling system, sealed transportation system and filter dust collectors in order to reduce discharge. In particular, its preliminary reducing furnace operates denitrifying facilities and desulfurizing facilities to which the latest clean technology was applied for the first time in the world.

2. Water Quality Management

The company is doing its utmost to preserve quality of water in Gwangyang Bay. Industrial water used in processes is mostly recycled and reused, and waste water generated from some processes is treated in waste water treatment facilities.

3. Slag Management

Prime Sand and Prime Stone generated in the process of production are not harmful to environment and effective recycle resources, and the entire quantity is being reused based on construction guidelines and KS.

Environment Management Activities

SNNC developed SNNC Corporate Park in order to create pleasant environment in downtown areas and realize resting places while continuously conducting environment management activities including Eco-Bag Sharing for the purpose of putting environment management into practice.

  • SNNC Corporate Park
  • Eco-Bag Sharing Activity
  • In-house Green Space Development