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SNNC, a living witness to ferronickel history in Korea, is opening up the future in the global nickel industry.
SNNC was jointly established with POSCO HOLDINGS and SMSP, the largest nickel exporter in New Caledonia, in 2006, and it is the Korea’s first specialized ferronickel manufacturer engaged in producing and selling ferronickel (nickel 20%, iron 80%), the main component of stainless steel, as well as other by-products.
The company established a successful model by realizing the world’s first vertical combination, which leads to nickel mine- nickel smelting-stainless manufacture, and produced ferronickel in the wasteland of nickel smelting business for the first time in Korea in order to supply them to POSCO while opening up a new history in the ferronickel manufacture industry by achieving stabilized acquisition of raw materials and contributing to securing Korea’s six representative strategic mineral resources.
SNNC will not stop making challenge with practical enthusiasm and future-oriented technology
Since establishment of production system that can supply 50,000 tons of nickel, SNNC has pushed for qualitative growth through continuous development of technology and reduction of costs in an effort to emerge as the world’s best ferronickel producer. The company is also endeavoring to increase profits by raising operation rate on the back of continuous development of operation technology and advancement of facility management , decreasing costs of energy and logistics and improving added value with an aim to realize the world’s strongest competitiveness.
Furthermore, the company will push for growth and development along with a local community by pursuing sustainable management where sound environment is balanced with social responsibility instead of being preoccupied with economic benefits with an aim to fulfill responsibilities as a corporate citizen.
Global No. 1 in ferronickel production technology, “We are SNNC!”
Believing in unstoppable challenge, practical enthusiasm and limitless potential hidden within us, SNNC will not stop making challenge in order to emerge as the world’s best ferronickel manufacturer.

The Current State of the Company

  • Company name : SNNC (Société de Nickel de Nouvelle Calédonie et Corée)
  • Location : 2148-139, Jecheol-ro, Gwangyang City, Jeollanam-do
  • Business : Production and sale of ferronickel and by-products
  • Shareholder Company : POSCO HOLDINGS, SMSP (a nickel mine company in New Caledonia)
  • Tel : 061-797-9114
  • Fax : 061-797-9191
  • The current state of capital :
      90,650 (49%)
    • SMSP
      94,350 (51%)
    • Total
      185,000 (Unit : 1 million won)