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Distribution of Nickel

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Nickel Distributed All Over the World

  • Sulfide Ore (28%, Polar Area)
  • Oxidized Ore (72%, Equator)

New Caledonia(23% of oxidized ore
in the world)

As it records 0.01 in Clark number, it is almost the same as copper in terms of presence on earth, but it is assumed to be massively present along with iron at the center of the earth. It posts 5g/l in reserves under the sea, and meteoric iron contains 8% of nickel. Nickel ore includes oxidized ore and sulfide ore. Oxidized ore is distributed in Canada, Russia, Finland, Australia and South Africa, and sulfide ore is mostly distributed in the equator including New Caledonia, Australia and Cuba. In particular, New Caledonia boasts of such facilitated nickel mining industry that it records 25% in global nickel reserves and 12% in global nickel production.