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Usage of Nickel

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Useful Metals in Our Daily Lives

Nickel is used as main material of stainless steel the most, and tableware, spoons and cups widely used in ordinary households contain about 8% of nickel. It is widely used not only as telecommunication device material but also as tube material in the form of plates and wire. Although it is used as magnetic material and electric heating material in the form of alloy, it is so expensive that it cannot be used for ordinary purposes. As nickel casting is excellent in terms of heat conduction and strength, it is used in food processors and heat exchangers. It is used in minting coins in the form of alloy in various countries, and it can be used not only as catalyst in hydro-generated reaction but also as a component of air planes, spaceships, medical devices and batteries of various electric devices serving as a useful metal in our daily lives.

The current state of usage of nickel

  • Stainless Steel
  • Nonferrous Alloy
  • Electric Gilding
  • Special Steel
  • Casting
  • Others